Where Local Matters

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Aug 08, 2023 · 1 min read
Where Local Matters
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Supporting Local Talent to Make a Difference in the Community

Where Local Matters, powered by adStartr, is a community focused porgram on our local area. We recognise the challenges that local businesses and the younger generation face as a result of severe cost-of-living pressures and economic uncertainty. Younger Australians face job insecurity, low wage growth, and skyrocketing rental prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the growth of local talent, enabling them to positively impact their communities and local businesses. Through collaboration and support, we aim to create a self-sustaining cycle of growth, promoting a thriving circular economy within our community.  Discover the power of Where Local Matters, the platform that connects skilled local resources with businesses, empowering them to represent their creativity. We have faith in the immense talent and creativity within our community, and by showcasing these local talents, we ignite awareness and generate interest in the businesses that truly deserve our support.

Unity & Collaboration for Community Development

Where Local Matters believes in the power of the local community. When local businesses thrive, the entire community benefits. That is why we are committed to fostering unity and collaboration, allowing skilled resources and businesses to grow together.  Join us in our mission to support local businesses and promote local talent, thereby making a significant impact on our community.

Contact Us to Get Involved

Call the number below to find out more about Where Local Matters and how you can get involved. Please contact 07 2140 7717 if you are a local designer or business.

[email protected]

+61 7 07 2140 7717

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