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adStartr Launches an Innovative Platform to Address Advertisers' Love Affair with D&I Publishers

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Jun 25, 2020 · 1 min read
adStartr Launches an Innovative Platform to Address Advertisers' Love Affair with D&I Publishers
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adStartr enables brands to boost custom campaigns in the digital and traditional world through an open marketplace that centralizes an outdated system.


Technology-led and more transparent than conventional portals, adStartr makes it possible for advertisers to design customised ads, find the perfect location & channel, at the best cost, via a scroll and click from one digital location.

It does this all while amplifying previously suppressed and diverse media outlets.

Plummeting Advertising Sales

Currently, many ethnic and diverse platforms suffer from plummeting advertising sales due to a shortage of funding and discriminatory exclusion lists.

By curating a global selection of minority and marginalised publishers, adStartr enables brands to reach diverse and engaged audiences instantly, while amplifying previously unknown platforms.

Wide Reach

With a wide reach, the multimedia marketplace spans popular newspapers, magazines, TV’s, outdoor billboards and more.

In fact, the Australian based marketplace is already harbouring plans to jump into the digital and social media landscape.

Final word

Free for ad sellers to list their advertising opportunities, adStartr only takes a percentage of the fee once the ad space is sold.

This eradicates price barriers for smaller voices who can promote their platforms without upfront costs.

Boasting innovative and essential advertising features, adStartr includes a free ad editor and ad tracking tools within the multi-channel service that will streamline a once time consuming process and bring an outdated system into modern and inclusive times.

For media inquiries, or to request an interview, please contact:

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