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Attract, Connect and Convert | Help Diverse Customers Find Solutions with New Global Platform adStartr

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Sep 05, 2020 · 3 mins read
Attract, Connect and Convert | Help Diverse Customers Find Solutions with New Global Platform adStartr
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Take the guesswork out of reaching diverse and inclusive customers with this new global platform adStartr. Research shows that brands can no longer afford to speculate or ignore multicultural consumers. When it comes to inclusive advertising, adStartr allows brands to reach diverse customers with confidence.

Attract Diverse Customers

Capture the attention of multicultural target audiences with adStartr. An online marketplace and booking engine, adStartr offers a platform for brands to place advertisements in culturally-rich newspapers, magazines, billboards, and digital media that have a captive audience with hard-to-reach populations.

From brand awareness to purchase, savvy marketers understand the need to personalize the buyer’s journey to fit diverse customers’ needs and wants. According to Nielsen’s Diversity Intelligence Series, a three-part report on African American, Asian American, and Latinx/Hispanic consumers, multicultural consumers’ buying-power are $4 trillion with African Americans and Asians reaching $1.3 trillion and Latinx/Hispanics reaching $1.9 trillion.

The series also highlights the strongest population, which are African American buyers who take a different journey to purchase than other demographics. With a focus and sense of pride associated with appearance, the report found that African Americans were more likely than the total population to:

  • Spend more on grooming products by almost 19 percent or $573.6 million.
  • Pay more for trendy products by 20 percent.
  • Shop at retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue (63 percent), Neiman Marcus (45 percent) and Bloomingdales (24 percent).

Despite the economic influence of African Americans and other minority groups, many brands continue to distribute advertising content that doesn’t recognise these growing demographics.

Connect with Diverse Customers

Make advertising more inclusive and embrace multicultural target audiences with adStartr. Brands who fail to do so risk losing diverse and inclusive customers. Based in Australia, adStartr is offering solutions right in its backyard to help advertisers win over its increasingly diverse population.

According to Adobe’s Diversity in Advertising survey, inclusive advertising is important to 62 percent of Australians, with 21 percent of respondents reporting they have boycotted brands that don’t promote diversity.

“What this research shows is that while diversity in advertising is obviously improving, the real opportunity for brands is to make their customers feel like the brand knows and cares about them through representation,” Adobe APAC head of Advertising Cloud Phil Cowlishaw said about the survey.

On the global stage, 38 percent of U.S. consumers and 26 percent of U.K. consumers say they are more likely to purchase from brands that keep diversity in mind. adStartr makes it possible for brands to enter the multicultural advertising marketplace, design customised ads, and instantly find the perfect location and channel.

Convert Diverse Customers

Earn the brand loyalty of diverse and inclusive customers with adStartr. Brands that support and align with multicultural target audiences’ values and beliefs will gain diverse customers’ trust. The fact is that the buying power of minority groups like African Americans will continue to increase. While white purchasing habits increased by 89 percent, African Americans led all demographics by 114 percent.

“At 47.8 million strong and a buying power that’s on par with many countries’ gross domestic products, African Americans continue to outpace spending nationally,”

Cheryl Grace, Nielsen’s Senior Vice President of Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement and co-creator of the Nielsen’s Diversity Intelligence Series, said in a press release.

Brands will increase the company’s bottom line when advertising campaigns are more inclusive. In Australia, brands are already making progress. Over 50 percent of multicultural customers report that advertising is more diverse than it was three years ago.

“We know that if brands really want to tap into this huge market of emerging consumers, they need to leverage digital, and share content that represents and inspires their audience,” Adobe APAC head of Advertising Cloud Phil Cowlishaw added.

Use the diverse and inclusive ad booking engine adStartr to find, compare, plan, and book advertising in hundreds of global publications and broadcast media outlets. Publish diverse and inclusive advertising in just a few clicks with adStartr.

Call Us To Engage With Diverse & Inclusive Audience

With over 300 languages spoken in our homes and more than 100 religions, there is no doubt we live in a diverse environment. adStartr can help you engage with multicultural Australians.

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